Get the Best Comments on Wiretap

We want to give you two tips so you see the kind of comments you care about when you’re watching a show that’s on Wiretap.

The group of comments you see on the right side of your screen are—as we like to call them—the comment stream. Your comment stream gets more personalized the more you use Wiretap. Here’s how.

You’ll always see comments made by your friends. But there are two other ways to make sure you see the kind of comments you care about:

1) Upvoting comments
2) Following users

When you upvote comments that you like everyone sees them. That means you’ll also see some of the most upvoted comments from other fans too.

You’ll always see comments from a certain person by following him or her. On a comment, roll over the person’s photo and his or her profile will open. Click the Follow button. You’ll then see a purple checkmark beside the photo.

Upvoting and following is the way to get a comment stream that you like. And remember – as more fans join in, the social experience will keep getting better.

Don’t have Wiretap yet? Download it from the Chrome Web Store. For more info on how Wiretap works, check out our FAQ.

(Photos from Netflix)

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