All About Wiretap’s Aftershow

We get it Рsometimes you may just be too caught up in a show to read or add comments.

If that’s the case, you need to know more about Wiretap’s nifty feature that we call Aftershow.

Near the end of an episode’s credits our Aftershow will pop up. You can share the love (or even the shock) there. Aftershow can even help you stop reeling from a really amazing, twist-packed episode.

Say you really loved or hated the show – let it be known. You can upvote or downvote it.

Aftershow is also where you can share comments if you didn’t feel like doing so while watching. You also get to read what everybody else thought. Like us, you may find the immediate Aftershow sharing extremely satisfying, rather than having to wait and share your take.

your comments

And if you did comment during the show, you can see each comment you wiretapped during the episode by clicking the Your Comments tab. If there’s a typo, don’t worry. You can edit a comment there too.

Be sure to hang out for Aftershow. We think you’ll like voting, sharing, and tweaking your comments. It’s a nice break in your binge watching.

Wendy at Wiretap

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