On My Block: Season 1 Primer and Questions We Want Season 2 to Answer

We’ve been eagerly awaiting On My Block’s second season.  Read on for Season 1’s summary, questions we want answered, and how we’re going to be watching with Wiretap

As we get ready to return to the fictional LA neighborhood of Freeridge to see what Monse, Ruby, Cesar, and Jamal are up to, here’s the official Season 2 logline from Netflix:

“In the aftermath of tragedy and Jamal’s discovery, the friends lean on each other like never before.”

Since it’s been a year since we binged Season 1, here’s a quick rundown of what happened:

  • We meet Ruby, Monse, Jamal, and Cesar at a party, the year before they’re going to be starting high school. When Ruby checks out a cute girl and draws the anger of her gangbanger boyfriend, we learn that Cesar’s brother, Spooky, is in a gang – the Santos. The gang members ease up on Ruby because he’s Cesar’s friend.
  • Although the guys affirm none of them would ever date Monse, it turns out Cesar has been secretly hooking up with her. While she’s away at summer camp, Cesar is jumped into the Santos, sealing that he has no future outside of the gang. Monse returns to Freeridge just before starting high school, and her friends notice that she’s changed.
  • Olivia enters the story in the second episode. She moves in with Ruby’s family after her parents are deported, and shakes things up within the friend group. Olivia sets her sights on Cesar, and since Monse doesn’t want to date him (because he’s in a gang), he starts dating Olivia. That causes more tension among the friends because Ruby is in love with Olivia. Eventually Olivia becomes friends with everyone.

  • Jamal is doing everything in his power to not play football although his family expects it. Because he’s terrified of getting hurt on the field, he fakes injuries and illnesses to avoid the game instead of telling his parents that he doesn’t want to play. His focus switches when he learns about a long-lost treasure in the neighbourhood – money that was stolen from the local roller rink. With the help of Ruby’s mother and an eccentric former gang member named Chivo, Jamal ends up finding the Roller World fortune by the end of Season 1.
  • Monse is being raised by her dad after her mother left them when she was a kid. Her dad is on the road for work quite a bit, so Monse uses that time to track down her mom. She ends up becoming a babysitter to her mom’s new kids without her mom knowing who she actually is. But there ended up being a huge twist.
  • There is tension in the neighborhood between rival gangs, the Santos and the Prophets. This storyline really heats up when Spooky and Cesar spend a day together that ends with Spooky telling his little brother that he has to kill one of the Prophets, Latrelle. Cesar has Latrelle cornered in a bathroom at gunpoint, but lets him go.
  • The season ends with Olivia’s quinceanera, where Ruby throws her a party that she’ll never forget, complete with a Facetime call with her parents. She splits up with Cesar because neither of them are really into the relationship, which means that Cesar and Monse can be together. After a sweet moment where Olivia kisses Ruby, tragedy strikes the party. Latrelle walks in and fires a gun. The bullet goes straight through Ruby into Olivia. The season ends with both of their fates hanging in the balance.

Like all other fans of this critically acclaimed show, we need these questions answered in Season 2:

  • Who survived the shooting? Photos and trailers released by Netflix indicate that Ruby survives, but we don’t know Olivia’s fate. Some fans have speculated that she dies. That’s because when Jamal is riding his bike toward the quinceanera, the ambulances goes by and its lights and sirens are turned off.
  • How will Spooky and the Santos react to Latrell shooting Olivia and Ruby? Will Cesar be punished by the gang for letting Latrell get away in the first place?
  • Will Monse and Cesar stay together, or will he end the relationship so Monse doesn’t get caught up in the gang?
  • What will Jamal do with all of that Roller World Money?
  • Is Monse going to learn anything about her mom?
  • Is the love triangle between Chivo, Juanita, and Julio truly over?

Join us for an On My Block watch party starting March 29th. Add Wiretap to your Chrome browser and watch along with us. See if these questions get answered and what new ones come up.

In case you want to stoke the anticipation a little more, here’s the official trailer:

(Photos and Video Courtesy of Netflix)

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