10 Questions We Need Answered in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2

The witch is back! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS) Part 2 lands on Netflix this Friday, and here are the 10 most pressing questions we want answered in the upcoming episodes.

Just how much has Sabrina embraced her dark side?

Sabrina has new platinum blonde locks and a bold attitude. She committed to the Dark Lord to save those she cares about,  but has she totally lost touch with her humanity? The trailers seem to indicate that she’s embraced her powers, but will she use them for good or evil?

Why is Sabrina so important to the Dark Lord?

The Dark Lord used Wardwell to help change Sabrina’s mind about signing her name in the Book of the Beast, but he hasn’t gotten into why he needs Sabrina so badly. Hopefully we learn a bit more about that before the end of Part 2.

How intense will the love triangle be between Sabrina, Harvey, and Nick?

It’s not just hellfire heating things up in Greendale. The sparks flying between Sabrina and Nick, and the smoldering embers of Harvey and Sabrina’s relationship have things at a fever pitch. A relationship with Harvey would keep Sabrina connected to the human world (and her own humanity), but there’s his troubling family history standing in their way. Nick has his devilish charm and is a tempting choice, but is he more attracted to Sabrina’s power?

Could Nick be the Devil?

Speaking of Nick, there are some fan theories floating around that he may actually be Lucifer. It’s more than likely that he’s just a charismatic cutie, but while being the actual embodiment of evil would be an intriguing twist, it’s probably a bit of a stretch.

What kind of trouble is Ambrose going to find himself in?

We’ve heard a bit about the elusive plot to take down the Vatican with Aleister Crowley. Now that Ambrose is no longer on house arrest, is another devious plot in the works?

Will Prudence remain a frenemy, or become a true friend to Sabrina?

Prudence went from mean girl to ally, and learned about her true parentage. We’ll all be watching to see if Prudence will become a true friend to Sabrina, remain a frenemy, or grow to resent the half-human Spellman girl who the Dark Lord is championing.

Did we see a werewolf in the teaser?

There is something very werewolf-like getting in Sabrina’s face in the teaser for Part 2. Since the comics universe does dabble in werewolves — specifically in the Archie Horror spinoff Jughead: The Hunger — it’s not too far-fetched for there to be werewolves in Greendale.

Speaking of demon dogs, what exactly is Dr. Cerberus?

We saw his eyes flash yellow after saying goodbye to Hilda one night. Could he be the three-headed guard dog of hell that he shares his name with? Or perhaps he’s the werewolf from the teaser!

Will Salem ever speak again?

Sabrina’s familiar said a few words when he entered her life, and hasn’t uttered a thing since. While the logistics and special effects needed to pull off a realistic talking cat can’t be easy even for the greatest behind-the-scenes magicians, the occasional aside from Salem would be a welcome addition to the show.

How much bigger will Mary Wardwell’s hair get?

Is bigger hair an indication of becoming more powerful, or is Wardwell simply using the wrong kind of dry shampoo on that fabulous blow out?

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