How to Watch Netflix Shows with Fan Comments

Ever wish you could comment on Netflix shows the way fans live-tweet TV? Streaming TV fans have been waiting on a solution like Wiretap and we’ve delivered.

Now any show on Netflix can be wiretapped. That’s a lot of shows. By “wiretapped” we mean a show that has comments from fans, show creators, and friends. And because all of the shows don’t have Wiretap comments just yet, we want to point you to the shows with the most conversations.

There are two ways to find shows with Wiretap comments:

1) After you add Wiretap to Chrome and sign in, you’ll see a scrollable overview window. It highlights some of the most popular shows which have upvotes and comments from the fan community.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.28.04 AM

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.28.22 AM

You can pick a show you’ve been meaning to watch or you can revisit a fave to see what others have to say about it. This is a great way to start seeing and making comments on shows.


2) Even after that first time, you can always find wiretapped shows in Netflix. You choose the Wiretap icon at the top right of your screen and then choose Trending Shows. You’ll see the top 20 shows with comments from friends, fans, and show creators. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.16.30 AM

There you go. Two easy ways to find Netflix shows with Wiretap comments.

Of course you can use Netflix’s browse and search features to find a show you want to watch. If it has Wiretap comments, you’ll see them. Or be the first to comment on a show and earn badges.

Watch a new show or revisit an old fave to see what others have to say about it. That’s what Wiretap is all about.

Wendy at Wiretap

Make Netflix social. Wiretap lets you build a community as you watch your fave shows. Find your people. Share your take. Get recognized.

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