17 Satisfying Series Finales

With one of the biggest series of all time, Game of Thrones, concluding on May 19th and Netflix saying farewell to one of its first originals, Orange Is the New Black, we’re looking back at how some of our favorite shows ended over the past two decades.

Here are clips from some of TV’s most satisfying series finales from 2000 to present. And it goes without saying, there are SPOILERS ahead!

The * indicates series that you can watch on Netflix and add your own commentary with Wiretap for Chrome.

Breaking BadFelina” (2013)*

With his lung cancer about to kill him, Walter White has nothing to lose. He’s out for revenge on the people who double crossed him while trying to secure his family’s future.

Six Feet Under “Everyone’s Waiting” (2005)

As Claire drives away from Los Angeles, a montage reveals the fate of each member of the Fisher family. Oh, and that montage is set to “Breathe Me,” the song that introduced much of the world to Sia.

FriendsThe Last One: Part 1 and Part 2” (2004)*

While Rachel moving to Paris has Ross making a final attempt to win her back, Monica and Chandler are packing for their move to the suburbs.

The Americans “START” (2018)

The Jennings family’s world is crumbling, so they make a choice that will irrevocably change their lives.

The OfficeFinale” (2013)*

The staff of Dunder Mifflin — past and present — reunites one year following the documentary for a panel discussion, and for one final wedding.

Friday Night Lights “Always” (2011)

The Taylors are faced with a huge decision: will Coach Taylor return to the Dillon Panthers, or will he leave it all behind so Tami can pursue her dream job?

Halt and Catch FireTen of Swords” (2017)*

Donna and Cameron say goodbye to each other and talk about possibly working together again in the future, while Joe’s story comes full circle to the series premiere.

Parks and Recreation “One Last Ride” (2015)

It’s 2025, and both Leslie and Ben are asked to run for governor of Indiana. Before they decide who is going to run, Ben surprises Leslie with a reunion in Pawnee.

Mad MenPerson to Person” (2015)*

Following a tumultuous ride, Don Draper has found some inner peace. There’s a montage that shares the fates of the key players which concludes with a lotus positioned moment of zen for Don that leads to a creative epiphany.

The Leftovers “The Book of Nora” (2017)

Nora says farewell to Matt and enters Dr. Eden and Dr. Bekker’s machine. The episode has Matt trying to find out whether or not Nora actually crossed over.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeFall” (2016)*

Lorelai heads to the Pacific Coast Trail hoping for a Wild-esque experience, Rory decides to write a book, and Emily sells her house and moves to Nantucket. Oh, and the wedding we’ve all been waiting for finally happens!

The Shield “Family Meeting” (2008)

Vic Mackey’s sins catch up to him, and he takes an immunity deal — a desk job with ICE — to keep his family together.

Sense8Amor Vincit Omnia” (2018)*

In the two and a half hour finale event, the Sensates and their allies fight to save their cluster and defeat their enemies for good.

You’re the Worst “Pancakes” (2019)

It’s Gretchen and Jimmy’s wedding day, but will they actually go through with it? After questioning what marriage really means to both of them, they make a choice that couldn’t be a more perfect ending for this redefinition of the romcom.

The Wire “-30-” (2008)

In light of a troubling discovery, Mayor Carcetti and the police decide whether to clean up the mess or bury the truth.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Chosen” (2003)

Buffy leads the charge in an epic battle with the First, and loses some friends during the fight. She emerges victorious and leaves the crater that used to be Sunnydale behind.

The Sopranos “Made in America” (2007)

One of the most controversial endings in TV history, it is still being debated more than a decade later. No matter which camp you fall into, you’ll never hear Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” the same way again.


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