Getting to Know Other Wiretap Users

Many of our users told us they want to know who else is using Wiretap. They’d ask, “So who’s going to see my comments?” Now we have a couple of ways for them to answer that question.

We listened and made it easier to see who else has commented on a Netflix show. Before, you’d have to wait for someone’s comment and then rollover to see their profile. It still works that way, but if you’re a tad impatient (and aren’t we all?), you can find out instantly with a feature we’ve named, Who’s Here.

To introduce you to this helpful new feature, we’ve taken some screen caps. Just look for the pink circles to see where you’ll want to click.

You get to Who’s Here by clicking on the user names in the bottom left corner, just above the comment timeline.


After you click on the names, bam – you see who’s already commented on the show.


And just like with comments, you can rollover to learn more about a fellow wiretapper.


And for those of you who may want to wait to the end of the episode to get this kind of info, we’ve got you covered. We’ve added a Who’s Here tab to the Aftershow.


If you haven’t noticed or used that handy purple link or button, let us convince you to. The purple Follow button on someone’s profile and that purple Follow link in Who’s Here do the same thing. They let you follow someone so you can be sure to always see the comments they make. Then you never miss their take.

There you go – Who’s Here, profiles, and following are great ways to get to know your fellow wiretappers. Try these features out the next time you watch Netflix with Wiretap.






Wendy at Wiretap

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