Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Wiretap

We’re dedicating this post to all of our users so you can get the best out of Wiretap and become super users. This one’s for you, wiretappers – or those of you who are wondering what our social extension for Netflix is all about.

What to Watch?

We ask ourselves that ALL of the time. So many Netflix shows, so little time. Well Wiretap helps you decide by serving up the most popular shows and keeping you in the loop on which shows are launching.

If you haven’t already done so, check out Wiretap by adding it to Chrome. Watch with friends and fans, and share your take.

The first way to find out what to watch is right in Netflix.  But instead of endlessly scrolling, just click the Wiretap logo. On the menu, click the Trending Shows tab to see the shows that are most popular – the ones that users are watching and wiretapping.

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We also package that helpful info into our personalized weekly newsletter and send it to your inbox. You see trending shows, along with all of your sweet stats. We also send what shows are launching on Netflix. Of course, there’s other good stuff too, like industry news and features from this very blog.

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Keeping up with Comments

We’re going to break down the many ways to keep track of your comments and to make sure you see comments from other users.

First, we want to share this very important tip:

Comments you add during an episode stick to the moment you first click “Add your comment”, not to when you send your comment.

You can always see the comments you’ve made for a show while watching it, or during its Aftershow. (That’s the Wiretap screen that comes up at the end of every episode or movie.)

But the best way to see an archive of all the comments you’ve made in Wiretap is via your profile. And you get to your profile by clicking the Wiretap logo and then, on the menu which appears, clicking your name.

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You can search your comments, edit them, and see if they’ve gotten any votes.

Now onto comments from Wiretap friends and fans. You see their comments as you’re watching the show. At anytime, you can find out who’s already commented on the entire show thanks to a nifty feature we call Who’s Here.  This is how it works.

You click on the users’ icons at the bottom left of your screen. To help you out, we’ve added a pink circle to the following walk-through of screens.


The Who’s Here screen pops up.


You can roll over over a user’s icon to learn more about him or her. Or you can immediately choose to Follow a user. You follow someone to make sure that you always see his or her posts.


All About Aftershow

Stick around at the end of an episode or movie for our Aftershow. It sums up everything for you, while letting you add post-show comments if you didn’t feel like posting while watching.


With our Aftershow feature, you can vote on an episode and see (and add) comments about the whole show. Plus, you can see any comments you made during it. You also can see who commented on the show. Yes, this is another way to get to Who’s Here.

Now you really know your way around Wiretap. You can make the most of our social extension for Netflix by opening trending shows (and our newsletter), keeping track of your comments, following users, and sticking around for our Aftershow. Enjoy.

Wendy at Wiretap

Make Netflix social. Wiretap lets you build a community as you watch your fave shows. Find your people. Share your take. Get recognized.

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