Where are the Stars of Netflix’s Cancelled Shows?

Saying goodbye to a Netflix series is never easy, and bidding farewell to the characters you love is sometimes even harder.

Still mourning the untimely end of your favorite Netflix original? From the ever-growing list of shows cancelled by the streaming platform, here are the stars and where you can watch them now.

Star: Peyton Kennedy
Cancelled Show: Everything Sucks!
Where to Find Her: Grey’s Anatomy

Fans of Everything Sucks! wanted nothing more than to see what was next for Peyton Kennedy’s character, Kate Messner. Unfortunately, the series didn’t get a second season due to low viewership. Want to see what the Toronto-born actor is up to now? Check her out on Grey’s Anatomy, where she’s had a recurring role in Seasons 14 and 15.

Star: Daveed Diggs
Cancelled Show: The Get Down
Where to Find Him: Snowpiercer

Daveed Diggs was a Grammy and Tony winner for his performance in the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton before he joined the cast of The Get Down. The show was scrapped because of high costs and behind-the-scenes drama, but it opened up Diggs’ schedule so he could join the cast of Snowpiercer. Based on the film by Bong Joon-ho, his new series premieres on TBS in 2020.

Star: Linda Cardellini
Cancelled Show: Bloodline
Where to Find Her: Dead to Me

Emmy nominations weren’t enough for Netflix to save Bloodline, but its cancellation made way for Linda Cardellini to join Christina Applegate in the dark comedy, Dead to Me. The Netflix original, released in May 2019, has already been renewed for a second season.

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Star: Will Arnett
Cancelled Show: Flaked
Where to Find Him: BoJack Horseman, Arrested Development, Riviera

Will Arnett delivered a memorable performance as Chip for two seasons of Flaked, but if you want to see (or hear) him now on Netflix, check out BoJack Horseman or Arrested Development. You can also see him acting opposite Julia Stiles in Season 2 of British series Riviera, available on Sundance Now in North America.

Star: Regina King
Cancelled Show: Seven Seconds
Where to Find Her: Watchmen

Regina King won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her performance in Seven Seconds, but two months following its release, Netflix announced there wouldn’t be a second season. Lucky for us, the Watchmen series — created by LOST showrunner Damon Lindelof — scooped her up. The highly anticipated HBO show will premiere in 2019.

Star: Bill Skarsgård
Cancelled Show: Hemlock Grove
Where to Find Him: It & Castle Rock

Hemlock Grove was a great training ground for Bill Skarsgård’s future roles. He joined the Stephen King universe as Pennywise in the film It, and appeared in the first season of Castle Rock on Hulu. He returns as the creepy clown in It: Chapter Two this September.

Star: Jamie Clayton
Cancelled Show: Sense8
Where to Find Her: Designated Survivor

Jamie Clayton was a standout as Nomi during two seasons of Sense8. While you can rewatch that series any time on Netflix, you can also see her in the newest season of Designated Survivor.

Star: Mike Colter
Cancelled Shows: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones The Defenders
Where to Find Him: Evil

Marvel TV won’t be continuing on Netflix, which means we won’t be seeing Luke Cage in anything new. But Mike Colter has a new gig — in the CBS psychological drama, Evil, premiering this fall.

Star: Naomi Watts
Cancelled Show: Gypsy
Where to Find Her: The Loudest Voice

Despite high hopes, Gypsy didn’t perform quite the way Netflix had hoped, and the series starring Naomi Watts was quickly cancelled. The small screen wasn’t without Watts for very long. You can see her right now playing Gretchen Carlson in Showtime miniseries, The Loudest Voice.

Star: David Tennant
Cancelled Show: Jessica Jones
Where to Find Him: Good Omens & Criminal

David Tennant has been a constant on the small screen for more than two decades, so you don’t have to look very hard for something to watch starring this Scot. So far this year, he’s co-starred with Michael Sheen in Amazon Prime’s Good Omens, and will be seen in upcoming Netflix procedural, Criminal.

Star: Deborah Ann Woll
Cancelled Shows: Daredevil, Punisher & The Defenders
Where to Find Her: Relics and Rarities

Debroah Ann Woll’s Karen Page was a vital part of the Marvel Netflix Universe. Now, she’s taking on the world of Dungeons and Dragons in Relics and Rarities, a web series that she not only stars in, but is also executive producing.

Star: Timothy Olyphant
Cancelled Show: Santa Clarita Diet
Where to Find Him: Deadwood: The Movie & Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Santa Clarita Diet was unceremoniously cancelled following its third season. If you need more Timothy Olyphant in your life, watch his return to the role of Seth Bullock in Deadwood: The Movie on HBO, or on the big screen in the upcoming Tarantino flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Stars: The Entire Cast
Cancelled Show: One Day at a Time
Where to Find Them: One Day at a Time

Did we confuse you there for a moment? One Day at a Time may have been cancelled by Netflix, but it has found new life on Pop TV. The entire cast will return to their beloved roles in 2020.

Which star do you miss the most from an axed Netflix original series? Let us know by commenting below!

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