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Summer is about to get even hotter when one of our favourite Netflix Originals returns. Get your spandex on and step into the ring for a GLOW watch party with Wiretap beginning Friday, August 9th.


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When we last saw the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, their small-screen dreams had been shattered. Their show is cancelled and although there’s a chance of moving to another network, KDTV steps in and says it owns their characters. But when a door closes, a window opens…. In this case, they’re still allowed to play their characters in live events, and a huge opportunity comes their way.

In Season 3 of GLOW, the story moves from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The women have left the seedy motel in the valley and the low-budget TV show behind for a residency at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.

There’s also an exciting new addition to the cast this season: Geena Davis. She is playing Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, a former showgirl who is now the Fan-Tan’s Entertainment Director. Not sure yet if she’ll be a friend or foe to the women of GLOW. Either way, it’s going to be so much fun to watch.

We have so many questions that we hope are answered in Season 3:

  • Will Debbie’s guilt over leaving her son behind interfere with her work as both star and producer of GLOW?
  • Will Ruth break up with Russell and begin a romance with Sam?
  • What will happen with Bash and Britannica’s Green Card marriage?
  • And of course, will the women shine like neon and glitter, or will life in Sin City take its toll?

Find out when GLOW returns on Friday, August 9th! Be sure to join our watch party by adding Wiretap to Chrome so you can see comments from fans around the world and join the conversation.

If you just can’t wait for GLOW to drop, here’s the Season 3 trailer for you to watch on a loop until Friday morning.

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