Who Are the Suspects in the Bryce Walker Murder Mystery for 13 Reasons Why Season 3?

This trailer for Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why reveals a huge twist: Bryce Walker is dead!

Some fans of the Netflix series are rejoicing in the demise of the show’s main villain, while others would have liked to see the bully and serial rapist be held accountable for his numerous crimes.

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The answer to the murder mystery will be revealed this Friday with the release of 13 Reasons Why Season 3. While you’re pondering who could have killed the poster boy for toxic masculinity, here’s the list of possible suspects:

Clay Jensen

The trailer shows Clay being implicated in the crime and although he has a motive — he even thought about ending Bryce’s life in Season 2 — it’s far more likely that Clay will be the one to figure out who the murderer is.

Jessica Davis

As one of Bryce’s victims, it would make sense for Jessica to take matters into her own hands after the legal system failed her by only giving Bryce three months’ probation. It took courage to testify against Bryce, and Jess would probably choose to fight injustice rather than commit murder.

Justin Foley

Justin is most likely to be one of the top suspects this season. He’s never hidden the fact that he wants Bryce to pay for raping both Jessica and Hanah. He even threatened Bryce in Season 2. Even though Clay’s family adopted Justin and he appears to be back on the right path, his addiction to heroin combined with a thirst for vengeance could win out and cloud his judgment.

Tyler Down

What happened to Tyler in Season 2 was absolutely horrific and gives him a motive. If it wasn’t for Clay stopping him, Tyler would have committed a mass shooting at the Spring Fling. Instead of facing up to the authorities and getting the help he so urgently needs, Tony helped Tyler escape. With the possibility that a desire for revenge is still on his mind, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tyler killed Bryce.

Chloe Rice

Although Chloe knew that Bryce raped her before they were dating and he didn’t understand the concept of consent once they were together, she still lied for him on the stand during his trial. It’s hard to imagine that she’d be the one to end his life, but maybe finding out that she was pregnant at the end of Season 2 was the final straw.

Tony Padilla

Tony is capable of violence but he’s worked so hard to put that part of himself in the past. Homophobia is the one trigger for his anger that he hasn’t been able to overcome, but would offensive comments and actions potentially made by Bryce be enough to send Tony into a homicidal rage? Probably not, but anything is possible in Season 3.

Zach Dempsey

Even though Zach turned on Bryce in Season 2 by giving Clay the photos from the clubhouse — and revealed that he’d been in a relationship with Hannah — it’s not enough to make him a solid suspect. Besides, he has an overwhelming need to please his family and likely wouldn’t do anything to disappoint them.

Alex Standall

Alex is consumed by guilt because he didn’t stop Bryce from raping Hannah, and then Bryce went on to do the same to Jessica. He also has violent outbursts caused by the brain injury he sustained in his suicide attempt. Even though Alex could be pushed to take Bryce’s life, he’s not at the top of the suspect list.

Montgomery de la Cruz

It would take a lot for Monty to turn on his BFF Bryce, but his history of violent acts prove he is more than capable of committing a murder. If his relentless desire to make sure the jocks hold their power over the school was threatened by Bryce, it’s believable that Monty could turn.

Olivia Baker

When Bryce pretty much got away scot-free in the rapes of Hannah and Jessica, Olivia Baker wasn’t scared to say she wanted to see him dead. While it’s a stretch to think that one of the adults is the murderer, Olivia has a motive.

Bryce Walker

It’s a theory that’s waaaay out there, but it is possible that Bryce staged his own death in order to pin it on one of the other suspects. Someone with such blatant disregard for others is completely selfish and capable of exacting revenge in such a heinous way.

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