From Elite to Top Boy: Netflix Originals to Watch from Around the Globe

While Netflix US originals tend to dominate online conversations, the streaming service has continued its worldwide expansion. So now’s a good time to travel around and discover new shows.

From addictive teen dramas to reboots of fan-favorite shows, here are 11 original series from around the world that you can watch right now on Netflix.

Elite (Spain)

When three working-class teens are sent to the most exclusive school in Spain following an earthquake that destroyed their humble academy, the clash between rich and poor leads to a murder. It’s like a cross between Riverdale and Gossip Girl. If you start now, you can finish Season 1 in time for the Season 2 premiere on September 6th.

Derry Girls (Northern Ireland)

Erin and her friends navigate life at their Catholic girls’ high school in the 1990s Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Set aside a day this weekend and binge your way through Seasons 1 and 2.blog_addtochrome_banner2

Baby (Italy)

In this controversial coming-of-age tale inspired by a true story, the series follows a group of Roman teens and the secret lives they lead. Season 1 was released in November 2018, and was quickly renewed for a second season (premiere date TBD).

Top Boy (England)

You can thank Drake for this reboot of the much-loved British crime drama about the rise of two London drug dealers, played by Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson (who reprise their roles in the new episodes). Watch the first two seasons on Netflix before the new series drops on September 13th.

3% (Brazil)

Set in a near-future Brazil, this post-apocalyptic thriller is about the people selected to live in a virtual paradise after taking part in a highly competitive process. Season 3 premiered this past June.

Osmosis (France)

Also set in the near future — this time in France — the series is about a dating app that helps people find their soulmate by hacking data straight from their brains.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Germany)

What do you do when the school drug dealer steals your girlfriend? Win her back by becoming a better dealer and starting an online drug business with your best friend.

Sacred Games (India)

The first Netflix Original from India is based on the 2006 novel by Vikram Chandra. It’s about a police officer in Mumbai who receives a phone call from a gangster who tells him he has 25 days to save the city. Seasons 1 and 2 are available now.

Tidelands (Australia)

After spending a decade in a juvenile detention facility, Cal returns home to her small fishing village and its mysteries, especially the commune of outcasts known as the Tidelanders.

Ingobernable (Mexico)

A political drama about a fictional First Lady of Mexico who is pushing for peace and stability along with her husband, the President. Their plans are derailed when confronted with a challenge that leads to a scandal.

My First First Love (Korea)

When four friends move in with college student Yoon Tae-oh, they not only have to learn how to live together, but also how to navigate love and friendship. A reboot of a 2015 series, two seasons are now available on Netflix.

What is your favorite international Netflix series? Comment below with your picks! And be sure to add Wiretap to Netflix so you can share comments while you watch with friends and fans, anywhere.

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