Lost in Space Season 1 Recap

Lost in Space is finally back on December 24th. A lot of time has passed since Season 1 dropped in April 2018, so we have a recap to get you ready for Season 2.

If you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

It’s the year 2044. An alien species is headed to Earth, but the government instead tells people a comet is headed their way and gives it a clever name: the Christmas Star. The alien craft crashes into Earth, creating the Christmas Star Incident and contaminating the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth can no longer support human life because there’s no sunlight and the air is filled with debris.

Meanwhile, the government has found new technology from the alien spacecraft and enlisted Dr. Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) to help them create spacecrafts for intergalactic travel. Once the project is complete — resulting in the Resolute mothership and Jupiter spacecrafts — Dr. Robinson, her family, and other colonists will go to Alpha Centauri to make a new start.blog_addtochrome_banner2Maureen has been separated from her husband, John Robinson (Toby Stephens), a dedicated military man. Maureen wants permission to take their children — Penny (Mina Sundwall), Judy (Taylor Russell), and Will (Maxwell Jenkins) — but John decides to join his family on their voyage to the new world.

In 2046, the colonists embark on their journey to Alpha Centauri, but the stolen alien FTL drive that powers the Resolute has been discovered by the aliens… and they want it back. The Robot infiltrates the Resolute to recover the drive, and the crew hides the invasion from the colonists, telling them to board their Jupiter crafts and wait for the issue to pass. While this is happening, a criminal stowaway, June Harris (Parker Posey), steals the identity of Dr. Zachery Smith, a family therapist. “Dr. Smith” commandeers Jupiter 18 as the Robinsons head for Jupiter 2. The Resolute malfunctions and everyone is taken to an unknown region of space where the Jupiters crash on a nearby planet.

Jupiter 2 lands on the icy side of the planet and the ship sinks, so the Robinsons have to figure out a way to salvage the ship. Plus, Judy gets trapped below the surface. It’s a race against the clock to save her. Will’s the one to figure out there’s magnesium on the planet that can melt the ice to save Judy.

John goes with Will to the magnesium cave where Will falls through the ice into a forested area. He meets the Robot which has crash-landed on the mystery planet as well. With a forest fire about to destroy both of them, Will helps the damaged Robot, and it saves Will.

John returns to his family with some magnesium, but it’s not enough to save Judy. Just when they think she’s about to run out of oxygen, Will shows up with the Robot, and the Robot frees Judy. The Robot keeps the family warm overnight and helps them recover the Jupiter 2 the next day.

John and Maureen head out to examine the Robot’s spacecraft when a shrapnel storm kicks up. Penny heads out to find her parents, and as they’re heading back to the Jupiter 2, they find “Dr. Smith” (aka June). It turns out that June survived the crash along with Don West (Ignacio Serricchio). When they find an injured pilot – Angela, June convinces Don to stay behind while she goes for help. But June actually abandons them. Don finds refuge with the Jupiter 11 and its crew.

The survivors of the Jupiters start contacting each other, and learn that the attack on the Resolute was caused by the Robot. Around the same time, the mental link between Will and the Robot reveals what actually happened. Will commands the Robot to never hurt another human and hides the Robot in a cave until he’s ready to tell his dad what really happened.

June orchestrates an attack on the surviving colonists that forces Will to disable the Robot’s pacifist commands. The Robot saves everyone, but now the camp knows the truth about the Resolute. When Will realizes the Robot is a potential threat, he commands it to throw itself over a cliff. But of course, June is there to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Robot to serve her.

Maureen discovers that the planet they’re on has reached its life cycle and they need to get everyone away ASAP. She and John try to keep this info to themselves, until they can figure out a plan.

Don attempts to salvage fuel from one of the downed spacecraft, and Judy goes along with him. It doesn’t go as planned. Maureen and John decide to send Jupiter 4 to the Resolute with John and Don in it, and as Maureen is helping launch them into space, June knocks her out. Don has discovered she’s a fraud, but it looks like he and John are space dust because the Jupiter 4 explodes.

Nearly consumed by sadness after losing his dad, Will discovers an alternate fuel source: concentrated bio-matter (aka poop)! And it’s enough to get them back into space. Maureen is stuck helping June restore the Robot. The Robot’s back and now loyal to June, and then June forces Maureen to launch Jupiter 2 into space.

While all this is happening, John has sent a signal that he and Don are alive, so Maureen manages to lock June and the Robot out for a bit so she can map a plan to rescue John. That’s when another robot shows up and all hell breaks loose.

When it looks like this new robot is about to kill Will, the Robot remembers his bond with Will and saves the kid’s life. The Robot fights against the other robot, and they are hurtled into space. The ship’s hatch needs to be manually closed and only Will can do it, but he loses his grip and floats away. Luckily, John is on his way back via harpoon and rescues Will along the way. There’s a Robinson family reunion and June is quarantined, but not before learning that she fired the harpoon that rescued John.

The season ends with the FTL drive coming back to life and bonding with the ship’s navigation system, opening a portal to another galaxy. This is the “danger” that the Robot warned Will about, and they’re now lost in a dangerous binary star system.

Now that you’re all caught up on Season 1 of Lost in Space, here’s a trailer to hype you up for Season 2. You also can re-watch your fave episodes from Season 1 by adding Wiretap to Chrome to see comments from friends and fans, and get new takes . Make sure to add Wiretap before Season 2 drops tomorrow. You can make Netflix social by sharing comments during OR after episodes. Happy watching…and wiretapping.


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