All Hail the Heiress of Hell in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3

Witches and warlocks … are you ready to head back to Greendale? Clear your weekend because Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns to Netflix on Friday, January 24th!

When we last saw Sabrina Spellman in Part 2, she had defeated Lucifer by trapping the Dark Lord in a human prison. And not just any human body … the body of Nicholas Scratch, Sabrina’s hunky warlock boyfriend, who made the sacrifice to save the mortal world that she loves so dearly.


In Part 3, Sabrina is racked with guilt over Nick and teams up with Roz, Harvey, and Theo, aka The Fright Club, to rescue Nick from Madam Satan and the clutches of Hell.


The infernal realm is in a state of upheaval with Lucifer no longer on the throne and Sabrina refusing her rightful title as Queen of Hell, and there’s a challenger for that seat: all-style-but-no-substance Prince Caliban. The big question going into this season is whether or not Sabrina will assume her birthright and lord over Hell, especially if it’s a way to free Nick.blog_addtochrome_banner3Not having anyone officially running Hell has also weakened the Church of Night. Sabrina’s aunts, Zelda and Hilda, are trying to preserve the remaining members of their coven and continue educating the students from the Academy of Unseen Arts. Will they be strong enough to fight back against their rivals, or even be able to resist betraying their coven?


Also related to the coven is the disappearance of Faustus Blackwood and his twin babies, Judith and Judas. The search for the disgraced Father Blackwood has Ambrose and Prudence teaming up on a mission to track him down and save the kids.


Over at Baxter High, Mary Wardwell is back and can’t seem to account for the huge gaps in her memory. Those were, of course, the result of Madam Satan taking over her body. To further complicate things, Madam Satan, also known as Lilith, has decided to keep the form of Sabrina’s favorite teacher, so there’s bound to be some cases of mistaken identity. Oh, and there’s the little matter of Wardwell’s fiancé, Adam, who was killed by the Dark Lord.


While all of this is happening, a mysterious carnival comes to Greendale and with it, a tribe of pagans who wish to resurrect an ancient evil. There are referrals to the “Old Ones.” We only can speculate about the fresh hell that may be unleashed. We do know that the pagans are a direct threat to the Spellmans and the coven, in its already weakened state.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 promises to be extra creepy with a hint of campy fun. And at the heart of it all, Sabrina continues her struggle, torn between her legacy and the mortal world she loves so much.

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