Drinking Game for Netflix’s Tiger King

Like may fans, we couldn’t help but binge the Netflix original docuseries, Tiger King. It’s a spectacular car-wreck of a show and perfect fodder for a drinking game! Planning a solo watch party? Add our app and grab your favorite drink for an even better experience.

What You Need

  1. Beer or wine for the drinkers
  2. Some coffee, tea, juice, or fizzy drink for the non-drinkers

And of course, please drink responsibly.

How to Play

Take one drink every time…

  • Someone is wearing animal-print clothing. Plus, an extra sip if it’s shimmery.

  • Joe calls Carole Baskin a “bitch.” Keep up and don’t lose count.

  • One of Joe’s husband’s appears shirtless.

  • Carole rides her bike.

  • Carole shouts out to “cool cats.”

Take two drinks every time…

  • Joe fires a gun. Make it three drinks if he’s shooting at a decoy of Carole.

  • The perplexed documentary filmmaker, Eric Goode, appears on screen.

eric_goodeSource: Netflix

  • There’s a cut to Joe’s or Carol’s Internet shows.

  • There’s a cut to one of Joe’s music videos. Ahhh, gold.

  • Carole wears a flower crown. And if she’s on her bike, yes, that’s three drinks.

  • For the last episode ONLY – two drinks each time Jeff Lowe talks about the nanny.

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 1.38.36 PM

Source: Instagram

And remember to pace yourself. There are seven tidy episodes (and an aftershow) about messy and unbridled ambition, exploitation, manipulation, and abuse. Oh, and exotic cats. Cheers.

Main image courtesy of Netflix and GIFs courtesy of Giphy



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