The Dead to Me Twists to Remember Before Diving Into Season 2

Dead to Me, the dark Netflix comedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini that had everyone talking last spring, returns with its second season on Friday, May 8th.

It’s been a year since the first season was released, so let’s recap what’s happened so far before diving into Season 2 this weekend. Warning: Season 1 spoilers are ahead. However, we also have a spoiler-free tease of what’s to come!

Jen Harding (Applegate), was widowed when her husband was killed in a hit and run accident. Throughout the first season, we learned the truth about the night of Ted’s death. In the first twist, Judy (Cardellini), a woman that Jen meets at a grief support group and becomes friends with, was the person behind the wheel. In a later twist, it’s revealed that Judy’s scumbag ex-fiance Steve (James Marsden) was the one who forced her to leave the scene of the accident but he gaslighted her into assuming all of the blame for it.

While Judy was living in Jen’s home, Judy confessed to Jen that she was responsible for Ted’s death. Jen kicked Judy out, burned all of her possessions, and even told the police about Judy’s confession. While a distraught Judy returned to the scene of the crime, Steve ended up at Jen’s house and told her that he was in the car as well. We’ll get to how that all ended up in a moment.

Steve wasn’t only a jerk to Judy. He was also a criminal who was laundering money for a Greek cartel. Judy turned Steve into the FBI in the Season 1 finale and also emptied all of his money from the bank account she still had access to. Steve went to Jen’s looking for Judy and his money, and that’s when he ended up dead in Jen’s pool. They didn’t show exactly how Steve died, but the season ended with Jen and Judy calling a truce as they dealt with Steve’s body.

Dead to Me’s first season was filled with so many twists, and it ended on one heckuva cliffhanger with Jen and Judy in over their heads. Season 2 picks up right where they left off, and the two women become even more entwined in each other’s lives.

Even though Judy acknowledges that Steve wasn’t a good person, she’s feeling alone after his death. On top of that, she had lost Abe (Ed Asner), one of the residents at the retirement home where she works who became a father figure to her. Jen is contending with what happened to Steve in her backyard, and the chance that her neighbor and self-proclaimed security system nerd, Karen (Suzy Nakamura), may have seen what happened. Also poking around are Lorna, Jen’s mother-in-law, and Nick, the former cop who was jilted by Judy.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up.


Answers to all of our pressing questions are just around the corner when Season 2 of Dead to Me lands on Netflix this Friday, May 8th. Want to watch along with friends and fans around the world? Add Wiretap to Chrome to share time-synced posts with friends and fans for every heart-stopping scene, whenever you watch.

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