She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Return For One Final Battle

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power returns to Netflix on Friday, May 15th for its fifth and final season. It’s time to gear up for one final battle!

Six months have passed since we all watched that intense Season 4 finale in which Adora relinquished her powers just as Horde Prime and his Galactic Horde arrived on the scene. The new episodes pick up right where we left off. Adora is continuing the fight even though she no longer has the Sword of Protection or the powers of She-Ra. The Rebellion is losing ground and the Princesses of Power are struggling to retain control from the biggest threat they’ve ever faced.

The only true threat to Horde Prime is She-Ra, but Adora relinquished her alter ego when she shattered the Sword of Protection after learning how the First Ones used She-Ra as a weapon. Adora hasn’t given up the fight, but can she be a strong enough leader without her powers?

On the flipside is Catra, the scheming, ambitious former friend of Adora who has fought her way to the top only for Horde Prime to brush her aside–as did Hordak–because she is of no use to him. Underneath the power-hungry exterior is a girl who wants nothing more than to be valued and loved. Will she continue to fight for Horde Prime’s approval, or is she about to embark on a new path?

Will Adora find the power within herself and lead her friends to victory? Can Catra be redeemed? And is love strong enough to prevail over hate? Find out this season as the Rebellion takes on the Horde in a final battle that’s not only for Etheria, but for the entire universe.

Can’t wait until Friday? Here’s a preview of Season 5 featuring a haunting, moody rendition of the theme song, “Warriors,” by none other than AJ Michalka, aka Catra.



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