Wiretap’s Netflix Favorites from 2020

2020 was a year where TV wasn’t just entertainment, it was also a way to escape from the insane reality we found ourselves in. Many of us turned to Netflix for both new content and comfort viewing, including our team at Wiretap!

As we prepare to kick this year to the curb, let’s take a look at a selection of Team Wiretap’s favorite Netflix series from 2020.

Gary (Founder) – The Circle

If ever there was a time for watching escapist reality competition shows, it was 2020. The Circle was a quarantine-ready, catfish-compliant hot mess of a dating show with no sex and hardly any flirtation. On that fact alone, it shouldn’t have worked, and yet I loved it. The Circle was addictively charming and wholesome even while most of the contestants were busy trying to win friends and influence people. The key was in the casting, as I really started investing in my favorite innocents and schemers after the 2nd episode. I felt like I was watching real people trying to figure out then what we are all trying to figure out now: who and what can you trust based solely on a social media connection? And how do I make a lot of money from it? Maybe next season, host and ear candy, Michelle Buteau, can just give us the answer.

Wendy (UX Director) – Formula 1: Drive to Survive


This Netflix show surprised me the most and converted me to watching F1 races on the weekend, much to my friends’ amazement. I loved the pacing, hearing all the backstories, and learning about how much the drivers train physically. Because of all the behind-the-scenes tales, I appreciate the races more and am influenced about who to cheer for.

David (Social Media Manager) – The Last Dance

The best thing I saw all year was The Last Dance. Jason Hehir did a masterful job with the behind-the-scenes footage of Michael Jordan, and the soundtrack was perfect.

Melissa (Content and Community Manager) – The Queen’s Gambit

One of the more pleasant surprises this year was The Queen’s Gambit, based on the 1983 novel by Walter Tevis. The limited series told the story of Beth, an orphan who became a chess prodigy in the 1960s while battling some personal demons. Besides featuring an award-worthy performance by Anya Taylor-Joy, Beth’s wardrobe caused a frenzy on social media with people lusting over her swoon-worthy looks. I was captivated from beginning to end!

Nicole (Featured Wiretap User) – Mismatched

Mismatched, starring Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf as Dimple and Rishi, sucked me in. Rooting for the often confused and ever-ready-to-fight feminist Dimple to find love challenged me to think about all the different kinds of love — including a true passion for work that means something. But, as a sap, the stranded-in-the-rain scenes and the will-they/won’t-they scenes delivered. I’m anxiously waiting for Season 2 of this contemporary tale of old-school practices vs. new-school prerogatives in the digital age.

Jennifer (Featured Wiretap User) – Love is Blind

Wiretapping reality shows was how I got through early quarantine! I really enjoyed Love is Blind, the social experiment/reality series hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. In it, a group of singles tried a different approach to dating that focused more on who they are rather than what they look like, leading to the messiest of all the hottest messes I have ever seen on TV.

Omar (Featured Wiretap User) – Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! is so action-packed with “ball is life” energy that I feel like a sports commentator when I Wiretap it. This show is top-tier Shonen energy. Got me over here crying over high-school volleyball. THAT’S HOW HARD THIS ANIME GOES! Haikyu!! is that real rap raw that Netflix needed for the cyber streets.

What was your favorite series on Netflix in 2020? Comment below with your picks, and if you haven’t already, add Wiretap to your Chrome browser so you can post and share comments on the Netflix shows you love.

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Melissa at Wiretap

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