A Conversation with Disenchantment Showrunner, Josh Weinstein (Part 2)

In this second part of our exclusive interview with Josh Weinstein, Disenchantment co-creator and showrunner, we discuss Futurama-related fan theories about Disenchantment. We learn about the revealing of Elfo’s and Luci’s destinies, as well as the show’s most misunderstood or overlooked characters. Plus, Josh answers our pressing questions about the Bean and Mora romance.

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Have fans noticed the Futurama Easter eggs you’ve included in Disenchantment, or have they missed them?

It’s both. Some things people noticed from the beginning. Others have been discovered along the way. And there are still some that nobody has noticed. Fans started to realize certain things — like Dreamland is the ancestral home of the Elves. But there are other things people have not realized at all that have to do with the deep, canonical arc.

Some people see certain things that aren’t there. For example, they think there’s a whole Futurama connection. There’s a theory that Disenchantment is in the same universe as Futurama — which it might be — but in that show’s future. In the time travel episode of Futurama, there’s a glimpse of this medieval-like kingdom. People have this complex theory that Disenchantment takes place in that future that we saw with Fry and the time machine, and that is not true. This is the first time I’m saying that, because I love fan theories. I have theories about other shows, too, so I don’t want to disappoint people.

However, there’s also the theory that Dreamland is actually New York because of an Easter egg on Futurama where the time machine is always in the same place. In order for it to appear in the Dreamland castle, that would mean that Dreamland is really New York. That Futurama Easter egg was put in as a joke for people to find, as opposed to some big theory.

I have to admit that Edith the Fortune Teller in the episode “Freak Out” gave me some real Futurama vibes.

Actually, Edith’s tarot cards ARE saying important things, and those are canonical. There are a lot of jokes in there, but they’re predicting things that will happen before the series ends.

Queen Dagmar has alluded to Bean’s destiny, and we saw Bean briefly wield magic in Part 3. Will more be revealed about Bean’s destiny and abilities in Part 4?

Bean, magic, and her magical abilities are really interesting. Magic is a key to the whole canonical story, but magic isn’t perfect. It’s great to wish for, but it’s not the solution. We know that it’s frustrating for some fans that we’re gradually revealing things and certain stories or elements are not wrapped up. To us, that’s part of the epic. We’re right in the middle now, and all will be revealed gradually.

There’s also quite a bit of mystery surrounding Elfo and Luci. Will their destinies be revealed at the same time as Bean’s?

Since the show is about finding yourself, it’s also true for Elfo and Luci. They all go through their journeys to find out who they are. Bean is the main character — the center of the universe — so her story is being revealed at a pace that’s slightly ahead of Elfo’s and Luci’s. Elfo’s origin is revealed towards the top of Part 4.

Speaking of Luci, he found himself in heaven following an elevator accident in the final episode of Part 3. What can you share about that?

We’ve established that heaven and hell exist, an afterlife exists, and characters can come back to life. Luci’s not going to be dead forever. At the start of Part 4, we’ll see how and why he comes back.

One of the Part 3 storylines that had fans talking was the Bean and Mora romance. Some were questioning if it really happened, and whether or not that relationship will be revisited?

It did happen. The necklace appearing on the beach is a clear sign that it really happened. It’s important for the story that Bean isn’t sure if it was a dream. In Part 4, it’s confirmed to Bean that it was real. Mora is incredibly important to the overall story. She’s gone for a little bit, but she will be back. Part 4 isn’t going to be “Bean and Mora,” but Mora’s important to the ultimate arc. Their love is very real.

Who would you say is the most misunderstood character on the show?

Odval. In Part 3, we learned that the Arch Druidess was the Steamland connection, although people thought it was Odval. He’s set up to be this evil, conniving guy who plays all sides. The secret is that he’s not evil. He’s a decent person who’s trying to do the right thing. That’s something that will eventually come out.

Also, there’s a side character who’s not a side character: Mop Girl. She also works at the coffee house as Miri, but Bean and the royals call her Mop Girl. She’s someone who was planted as a silent background character in the beginning who gradually becomes more and more important. In “Bean Falls Down” when the ogres are attacking and Miri’s holding them back, she mentions that she might be a wizard but no one hears it.


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  1. > Also, there’s a side character who’s not a side character: Mop Girl. She also works at the coffee house as Miri, but Bean and the royals call her Mop Girl.

    Johnny 2 Cellos had a video theory regarding Miri and her importance to the story: https://youtu.be/xUIA0-1LBBc.

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