The Kids Aren’t Alright in Pacific Rim: The Black

Wait a minute. You mean to tell me after the rough year of 2020, we’re now getting a sliver of peace? We’re now getting what we deserve? That must be the case cause Netflix has brand new Pacific Rim animation hitting their streaming streets this week. That must mean we done made it to the other side. I’m here. I’m here for all of it. I’m talking ’bout Pacific Rim: The Black.

I watched the first trailer and said: “OK, seems like we got a “the kids aren’t alright” type of dystopia going on with this one. I’ll check it out.” Then that second trailer dropped. And oh my. Things are as shit as they have ever been. From what we can tell from the 2nd trailer so far, there’s a war going on outside in Australia that no human is safe from. These monsters (Kaijus if you nasty) are running this whole continent for all their Outback Steakhouses and then some.

We get the announcement that not only Sydney but all of Australia is fucking done for. We then see the pilots of a giant Jaeger mech — missing one arm mind you — talking ’bout going to find their kids. Maaaan, these folks got their kids to some form of safety and are venturing out to find help because it sure as hell ain’t going to find them. They promise that nothing will keep them from coming back to their kids. Alright anytime someone says that shit in animation, it’s guaranteed that some shit … is most def going to keep their asses from coming back. These siblings have been on their lonesome for five years now. Five years of no PTA meetings, postcards, curfews, or hugs my guy. That is rough.

You’d think things would get better when they discover a Jaeger that I assume was an import from America since it’s decked out in the New York Mets’ blue and orange colors. Turns out they can pilot it but it’s only a training Jaeger with 0 weapons. They’re trying to venture out into the abyss of Australia looking for their parents with a weaponless Jaeger? They gotta face monsters and apparently some silver-haired-fox-looking dude that’s apparently trying to take over on some warlord shit? Maaaaan, these kids out here having to grow up fast. I’m here for it all tho. Listen, no weapons on this Jaeger? Oh well, these siblings better learn how to throw them hands in unison like they mommy and daddy did.

Who knows what else may be in store for this series and if we’ll see the influence of events from the Pacific Rim movie franchise as well. This premise and the hope of movie Easter eggs appearing is enough to get me on board. Plus, I wanna see how these kids are going to survive with a Jaeger that’s only meant for training. Okay, Pacific Rim: The Black. I’m ready for you to drop on March 4th, 2021. D-Day is back again, baby!

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