How to Instantly See User Comments in Netflix with Wiretap

Some people are just here for the comments. We get that. And that’s why we made Wiretap for Netflix. You can get that live-tweet shine from other fans while you watch great (and not-so-great) TV shows and movies.

Sometimes it’s hard to wait for friends’ or filmmakers’ comments as you watch. You want them right away. Well, the wait is over. We’ve just updated our Who’s Here feature to let you see all of a user’s comments at once. 

Finding Who’s Here

If there are Wiretap comments in a Netflix show or a movie, the commenter’s username will show up in the bottom left corner, just above the comment timeline.

You can click on the username(s) to open up Who’s Here.

Seeing a User’s Comments

Now click on a user to see their comments.

Turning All Comments On

Below you see Nicole Homer’s comments for this episode of Shadow and Bone. The comments that are later in the show are hidden. If you’re impatient and want to see what a user has to say about things later in the show, turn those comments on by using the Off/On toggle. Later comments are always Off by default. As you can probably guess, turning the toggle On means you may see spoilers.

Going to a Comment in a Show or Film

To go to a comment in a show or a film, click the two back (or the two forward) arrows.

Liking and Replying to Comments

You can interact with a comment in Who’s Here. Use the icons on the right: thumbs up, thumbs down, reply to the comment, and last—but not least—report the comment as offensive or a spoiler.

There you have it. Who’s Here lets you see all of a wiretapper’s comments for a show or a film at a glance, and also gives you a quicker way to respond to fans and friends. Try out Who’s Here the next time you watch Netflix with Wiretap.

Wendy at Wiretap

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