A Farewell to Lucifer

On Friday, September 10, the sixth and final season of Lucifer drops on Netflix, and I am feeling EMOTIONAL!

I admit that when I first heard that the DC Comics character, created by Neil Gaiman, was going to be the lead character in a crime procedural on FOX, I had my doubts. The inspired casting — especially Tom Ellis as the Devil himself — along with solid writing quickly changed my mind. And I was heartbroken when FOX cancelled it.

Netflix quickly resurrected the series and helped it achieve its full potential. Although it still had a procedural element, the serialized arcs were expanded, allowing for more complex storytelling and character development. Also, free from the rules of network television, Lucifer became a darker, naughtier, sexier show than it had ever been.

I prepared myself to say goodbye following the fifth season, which was supposed to be its last. And then Netflix announced it wasn’t over yet. It’s been a tough couple of years, Lucifans, and the show’s been a bright light during these dark times. I welcomed the news of a sixth season with open arms.

I’ve previewed Season 6 and I won’t spoil any major storylines, but here are some teases on what’s coming up!

NOTE: If you’re not up to date on the first five seasons of Lucifer, there are some minor spoilers from previous seasons.

  • Following an epic battle between Team Lucifer and Team Michael, Lucifer emerged victorious with a divine assist by Chloe (Lauren German) who died and went to Heaven. Lucifer’s selflessness in sacrificing himself to resurrect Chloe gave him God’s powers. That made him the new celestial in charge following his dad’s retirement. Season 6 begins with Lucifer about to take on his new role as the Almighty, but he’s stalling.
  • Past storylines and cases come back into play. Lucifer even runs into some of the people he manipulated and corrupted.
  • There’s a murder mystery date night at the Magic Castle that’s a whole bunch of fun.

  • Maze (Lesley-Ann Brant) is about to become the Queen of Hell with Eve (Inbar Lavi) at her side. Also, I have a feeling #Maziqueen is about to blow up on social media!

  • Carol, played by Scott Porter (forever Jason Street from Friday Night Lights in my clear eyes, full heart), becomes a bigger part of the storyline following his introduction at the end of Season 5. I especially love the dynamic between him and Ella (Aimee Garcia). And I’m totally with them as they fangirl over Michelle Yeoh.
  • We get to take a trip back in time to the 80s. That’s one of my favorite decades for music, TV and film.
  • We even get a case that involves drag queens (and guest stars some of my fave Drag Race stars of seasons past).
  • There’s also some hilarious animation that channels old-school Hanna-Barbera shows like The Flintstones, and I appreciate Warner Brothers TV taking some of that Supernatural “ScoobyNatural” spirit and adding it to Lucifer’s final episodes.

Lucifer resonated with me because it’s a story of growing and learning from your past, and because there’s always been an element of hope. If the Devil himself can evolve into a better version of himself, so can we. And of course, as we’ve seen with our beloved DeckerStar and so many other characters, true love conquers all.

On a fun note, at times this show has felt like the writers infiltrated my brain and downloaded my thoughts. Lucifer has always felt like it was made just for me, especially in its final season. Thank God (well, the new Almighty, Lucifer) that Netflix stepped in and gave us three more glorious seasons after its network TV demise.

Clear your schedules and prepare to binge this weekend like you’ve never binged before with Lucifer’s final season.

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Melissa at Wiretap

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